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Residential Cleaning, Lifestyle Support & Property Maintenance Services

Your time is precious,

             so why waste it?

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                                   We'll take care of the jobs inside and out; 

                                                       you take care of investing that time into something far more meaningful...

Hands from the Heart's carefully selected and trustworthy team are completely dedicated to providing a variety of reliable, professional residential cleaning, in-home lifestyle support, gardening and property maintenance services to ensure your day-to-day tasks are seen to and looked after.  No matter how busy life is, trying to find the time to keep on top of the endless amounts of household responsibilities can be challenging and extremely daunting!  With a range of options to choose from, such as a one off service, occasional catch up or a regular maintenance booking, we are sure you will be exceptionally happy working with us.

Take a step back, breathe, relax; let us step in with a capable pair of hands and allow you to redirect your attention on the finer things in life.

After all, time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters...

Why Hands from the Heart?

We are so much more than just your standard cleaning company!

We acknowledge that client needs can vary significantly depending on individual circumstances...

Therefore, we offer an extensive range of flexible services that can be completely customized to ensure exact requirements are met.

Hands from the Heart is committed to delivering outstanding results by providing professional, reliable and detail-focused services.

We strive to go over and above to not just meet, but exceed expectations every single time.

Choose us because of our reputation for excellence.

Low Pricing

We have no interest in excessively overpricing our services with inflated rates. Our fixed rate pricing structure is extremely affordable and significantly lower in comparison with other service providers.

Competent & Trustworthy Staff

Our recruitment process is extensive and includes reference and police checks prior to employment.

Staff are fully trained and then regularly supported with relevant policy and procedure updates or changes. They also have access to useful resource material providing them with expertise and skills to provide quality services. All staff are completely covered with comprehensive insurance policies.

Your One Stop Shop

One company, one booking, one payment...

Offering all residential services inside and outside the home means our clients can conveniently and easily manage these bookings through one company.

Outstanding Customer Service

We build excellent working relationships with our clients by ensuring strong communication and thorough understanding of our client needs.  We deliver friendly services consisting of respect, compassion, ultimate care and complete customer privacy and confidentiality.

No Customer Contracts

We don't believe in binding our clients into long-term contracts.  Our focus for client retention is through establishing and maintaining positive long-term relationships.

Effective Operational Structure

The extensive and well-established components, foundations and organizational structures detailed in our company policies and procedures ensure that we can enhance performance, productivity & ultimately deliver the most effective and efficient services possible.

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