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Our Cleaning Services

Regular Maintenance Cleans

Our regular, scheduled maintenance clean is the most popular choice for busy homes  and can be booked on either a weekly or fortnightly basis.  Having a frequent cleaning arrangement in place keeps your home wholesome,  healthy and presentable, free of dust and dirt build ups.

Occasional Casual Cleans

A perfect option for times when the schedule is full and  a catch up clean is required to enable you to get back on top of things.  Casual cleans can also be of huge benefit if you are expecting visitors to stay or are hosting a get together or celebration at home and don't have time to get the house in order prior to entertaining guests.

Deep Spring Cleans

Every single home is dependent upon an intensive and detailed clean from time to time in order to manage and maintain the overall condition.  However, the reality of juggling a busy lifestyle, combined with a total of lack of motivation can make this huge task a very daunting and overwhelming exercise.  Our deep cleaning service provides an extremely in-depth and thorough going over of all areas and surfaces in the home giving you piece of mind that everything has been attended to and completely freshened up.  An essential upkeep service that we recommend you schedule on a six to twelve month basis.

Home Exit & Entry Cleans

Moving houses is time-consuming, stressful and exhausting.  The last thing you want to have to do is return to the empty property and spend hours cleaning it from top to bottom when this could be time and energy spent unpacking and organizing things at the new home.  Or perhaps the house you are moving to doesn't quite meet your expectations in terms of cleanliness but your time is limited packing up at the home you are leaving.  Our home exit or entry services include extensive and detailed cleaning  saving you hours of precious time, as well as lifting a huge weight off your shoulders.  

Builders Cleans

Once the development work is complete, our builders cleaning service focuses on providing an extensive and detailed post-build or home improvement clean-up.  Whether the project is a brand new build or redesigning renovations within the existing home, we will ensure that all the dust, dirt and mess left by builders will be completely removed before you move in.

Pre & Post Event Cleans

Whether it is making your home or venue presentable prior to your event, taking care of the clean-up afterwards or both, our pre and post event cleaning service has got you covered.  This allows you the freedom to focus on your guests and completely enjoy the celebration without having the lingering thought that you will have the responsibility of sorting out the clean-up afterwards.  Enjoy the occasion and leave us to deal with the aftermath!  A suitable service for functions big and small including birthdays, engagements, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, school ball before & after parties, graduations, corporate events and exhibitions.

Commercial Office Cleans

Offices are full of busy and productive employee's resulting in large numbers of regularly-touched surfaces.  As our hands typically harbour contamination, not only is it important that these high-touch surfaces are cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis, but employers have a statutory requirement to provide hygienic workspaces for their staff.  Our professional office cleaning services accommodate small to medium sized companies and ensure that the organisation's working environment is kept clean, tidy and healthy, minimising cross-contamination and promoting overall wellbeing.

Optional Add On Services

Need to add something extra to your cleaning service?  

We have your needs covered...

Internal Windows

Having crystal clear, smudge and fingerprint-free windows makes a huge difference to the overall look and presentation of your home.  It's also a never-ending task removing mould during damp winter months.
This service includes cleaning of glass, surround frames and sills.

Walls & Ceilings

It's amazing how quickly marks, smudges, dirt and the evidence of little hands can build up on walls, not to mention the mess a summers worth of flies leave on ceilings.  We have a range of effective cleaning solutions designed to get surfaces back to a clean, dirt-free condition.

Pantry & Cupboards

One of those time-consuming tasks that is often on a to-do list but never makes it to the top of the priority list.  Our pantry and cupboard cleaning service includes all items being removed, shelving and drawers being wiped clean and then things put back as tidily and orderly as possible.

Decluttering & Space Organization

Having order in the home can make daily living much easier and more practical.  We can help you with tidying and organization of general spaces around the home such as children's toy boxes or play areas, linen cupboards, book cases, wardrobes, pantries, drawers and cupboards.

Refrigerator Interior

It can be challenging enough keeping order in the home without sparing more time and effort cleaning out and organizing the inside of your refrigerator.  However, an important aspect for sanitary reasons and of course visual satisfaction.  This service will leave your fridge spotless!


Cleaning household blinds is a chore that often gets ignored or overlooked, and when left for periods of time, they become covered in dust, pet fur and dirt.  The ultimate service for the removal these build-ups on most types of blinds including aluminium, plastic and wooden.

Linen Changing

There's nothing quite like getting into a bed that has been freshly made with clean sheets!  A time-saving task that can be incorporated into your regular cleaning service - we can strip the beds and remake them with clean linen as well as launder and hang out the used bedding if required.

Ironing & Laundry

Our laundry services include put washing through the machine, hanging out, bringing in and folding.  Ironing can either be done in your home at the time of your regular booking, or garments taken, ironed offsite and returned within a timely turnaround period.

"time isn't the main thing, it's the only thing"