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Residential Cleaning, Lifestyle Support & Property Maintenance Services

Our Garden & Property Maintenance Services

Gardening & Ongoing Scheduled Maintenance

From simple weeding jobs to complete garden makeovers, our range of extensive services will keep your property looking stunning year round.

We completely customize our gardening services to ensure client requirements and expectations are met, and can accommodate one-off garden tidy-ups or regular ongoing garden maintenance bookings.

Our regular gardening services includes:

  • professional garden care
  • hedge trimming
  • shrub trimming, pruning & removal
  • small tree trimming, pruning & removal
  • weed & pest control
  • dead-heading
  • garden waste removal & disposal

Lawn Mowing & General Turf Care

Keeping on top of your lawn growth is exhausting and time consuming!

Booking a regular ongoing lawn mowing service guarantees you free time during the weekend no more untidy and overgrown grass.

Whether you require a one-off mow or a regular booking, our reliable and professional service will leave your lawn looking great.


Our mulching method is one of the most effective ways to fertilize your lawn. The clippings provide essential nutrients by releasing nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus as they break down, ensuring your lawns remain in healthy and lively condition.

We cater to lawns of all sizes at both residential and commercial properties.

Soft Landscaping

Our variety of services are designed to significantly improve and transform outdoor living spaces by implementing innovative concepts that consist of softer garden landscaping elements.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional garden designs and customized solutions that our clients are extremely proud of, as well as scheduling ongoing maintenance services to ensure the property grounds remain presentable and impressive all year round.

Our soft landscaping services include:

  • garden planning, preparation & implementation
  • renovation of tired gardens

  • garden preparation for special event or house sale

  • soil conditioning & cultivation

  • themed gardens, edible gardens

  • garden edging

  • weed mat installation

  • fertilising & composting

  • pebble, stone, bark & mulch laying

  • pallet gardens & planter boxes

  • stepping stone paths & stone paving

  • keystone block edging

Garden Waste Clearing & Removal

As you spend time maintaining your garden and section, the amount of green waste gradually builds up and it can be difficult and trying to dispose of it.

We offer a convenient and practical solution to clear your section and remove unwanted garden refuse such as bushes, branches, leaves and turf.

Exterior House Washing

Get the outside of your home looking fresh and clean with our thorough exterior house washing service.  Not only will your home look like new, but by regularly cleaning the exterior of your home, you are extending the life of the weatherboards, bricks or paintwork.

You can book a one off service to prepare your home for repainting or going on the market.  Alternatively, you may prefer to arrange a regular six monthly or annual service as part of your ongoing routine maintenance.

Single and double level residential homes only.

Gutter Clearing

Your gutter serves an integral purpose of your homes ability to control rainwater flow, ultimately protecting your roof, walls, foundation and landscape.  A gutter clogged with leaves, sticks and other various debris can cause a leaky roof or water damage to the interior or exterior of your home.  Unclear gutters can also create a desireable habitat for rodents, birds and insects posing a potential infestation in your home.

Keeping your gutters clear of these build ups will ensure that your guttering system is functioning at its full potential and eliminates the risk of these issues occuring.

As a general rule, it is recommended that you should have your gutters cleared every autumn and spring to alleviate a complete homeowners nightmare.

Our gutter clearing service is a vital preventative measure that will help to minimize the chances of you experiencing problems and ending up with unexpected and expensive repair costs.

Water Blasting

Our professional water blasting service is an effective maintenance and cleaning solution to successfully remove stubborn stains and build ups of dirt, grime, algae, lichen, moss, mould, surface contaminants and other debris. Carrying out regular water blasting services around the home reduces corrosion causing deterioration of exterior surfaces.

Eliminate potential safety hazards such as slips and falls on slippery paths, driveways, outdoor stairs and decking surfaces.

Freshen up and revitalize outdoor spaces including patios, courtyards, poolside areas, cobble stone and brick paving, garden walls and concrete or block garden edging, wooden decks, fences and gates or restoration option for outdoor furniture.

An ideal service to prepare areas and surfaces prior to painting or, alternatively, getting the home in an immaculate and presentable condition for an anticipated sale. Or you may just require outdoor surface and living space cleaning to be actioned as part of your regular routine maintenance.

Window Washing (Interior & Exterior)

The large number of benefits you gain from clean windows are difficult to ignore!  We have shared our favourites!

Wasting valuable time tackling this extremely labour-intensive task during the weekend is not often at the top of many home occupants to-do lists!  

Enabling natural sunlight into your home is essential for overall health and wellbeing.  Natural sunlight reduces the production of harmful bacteria and organisms present on household surfaces.  It is also considered a natural disinfectant, therefore assists in keeping clean and sanitary household environments.  It produces numerous physical and psychological benefits such as vitamins B & D, increases endorphins and serotonin, helps balance the body's hormones, boosts energy, stimulates better sleep patterns and many more.

Windows coated with a build up of grime and dirt inhibit the amount of natural sunlight received in the home which means the benefits and advantages are limited.

Prolong the life of your windows by preventing scratch damage caused by dirt, debris and other various contaminants that coat and etch into the glass.  It also keeps corrosive environmental contaminants and oxidation off your window frames, preserving the life of window seals.

Clean windows make your home inviting and create much more appeal, a crucial factor if your home is for sale. 


Client wellbeing is integral, so delivering quality results is imperative for us to ensure our homes receive these maximal benefits attained from crystal clean windows. 


General Handyman Services

It's time to turn the 'to-dos' into done!

Our flexible and customizable handy man services will see to the diverse variety of sundry type tasks that continuously pop up, both inside and outside the residential home.  

Offering general maintenance support and quick-fix assistance, from the front to the back of the property and everything else in between.  Whatever the nature of the job and regardless of what it entails, we will endeavour to develop an appropriate and suitable plan to provide a solution to take care of these miscellaneous projects.


"the trouble is, you think you have time"