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Residential Cleaning, Lifestyle Support & Property Maintenance Services

Our Lifestyle Assistance & Support Services

Ironing Service

One of the most disliked and despised chores in existence - and rightfully so! Who wants to waste their valuable hours slaving away behind an ironing board after a long, tiring and demanding week in the office?

Our professional and reliable ironing service is fast, efficient and includes collection and delivery of garments.

We remove the wrinkles out of your items, as well as your day, so that you can get on with the things you enjoy far more than ironing!

Decluttering & Organization Service

Under the influence of clutter, we may underestimate how much time we are giving to the less important stuff.

Having order and organization in the home makes daily living simple and uncomplicated - where there is order, there is tranquility.

We can help you with the tidying, sorting and organization of all general spaces and areas around the home such as children's toy boxes or play areas, linen cupboards, book cases, wardrobes, pantries, drawers and cupboards.

After all, life truly begins after you have put your house in order.

House Relocation Service

Moving house is no walk in the park...

Our goal? To make sure your walk is as leisurely and manageable as possible, eliminating the stress and pressure associated with relocating and offering a range of services designed to provide assistance throughout the entire moving process to ensure your move runs as smoothly as possible.

We can manage one or two components, or oversee all arrangements from start to finish including obtaining quotes from moving companies, booking furniture/item storage arrangements, decluttering assistance, creating listings for items to be sold and managing the listings and sales, packing and unpacking household items, creating a packing management system and assigning boxes of contents and labels accordingly, management and co-ordination of moving company staff on the day, organizing food and refreshments on the day, home organization at the new address, organization of mail redirection, compiling a change of address checklist and caring for pets during the moving process.

Maternity & Postnatal Support

Becoming a new parent can be an extremely overwhelming and exhausting time in your life. Focusing on a relaxing birth recovery and spending time bonding with baby take priority over everything else. Our service offers practical and personal in-home support to ensure your priorities are met. 

We can assist with things like housework, laundry, tidying before/after visitors, making beds and changing linen, planning and/or preparation of meals, looking after you including preparing meals, snacks and drinks, assisting with older siblings, supporting you with baby while you shower or take a nap, errand running such as collecting groceries or topping up on essential household supplies and taking you to appointments if you are unable to drive post caesarean.

This service is of benefit to you if you:

  • are expecting a baby and require assistance for whatever reason
  • have just had a baby or multiple births
  • are recovering from a caesarean, traumatic or complicated birth
  • have limited or no support from family or friends
  • require support with older children
  • are simply too exhausted or overwhelmed to cope with the routines of day to day life
  • are suffering from baby blues or postnatal depression
  • have a partner who is needing to return to work
  • are suffering the loss of a pregnancy, baby or child.

Our gift vouchers for this service are a practical gift idea for baby showers.

Bereavement Support

The death of a family member or friend is one of life's most painful experiences. Losing a loved one can be very unexpected, emotional and extremely traumatic and it can be difficult to reach out and ask for support during this time of need. 

While, sadly, we can't take away the pain associated with your loss, we can provide you with hands-on practical support enabling you the time you need to grieve without the extra pressure or stress of coping with day to day responsibilities at the same time.

It can also be emotionally and physically draining when a loved one falls ill and your life gets put on hold while you spend the greater part of your time being by their side and seeing to their needs first and foremost.

We provide an extremely understanding and sympathetic service during this time and we ensure that you will receive nothing but our utmost respect and sensitivity while we provide you with support.

We offer support with things such as funeral arrangement assistance, helping look after younger family members, running errands such as grocery shopping or topping up on essential household supplies, keeping on top of housework and laundry, providing you and your visitors with refreshments, providing a driving service if you are feeling too overwhelmed or emotional and looking after floral bouquets arrangements.

This service is of benefit to you if you:

  • have recently suffered the loss of a loved one
  • are spending majority of your time caring for a terminally ill friend or family member
  • are having trouble coping with the grieving process

Our gift vouchers for this service are a practical gift in lieu of flowers.

Illness, Injury & Post Surgery Support

No matter how fit and healthy we are, there is always the possibility of an unexpected illness or health diagnosis, being involved in an accident or receiving an injury at any time.

We can step in and provide a range of customized support services to assist you and your family during such times allowing you to focus purely on your treatment or recovery without any added pressure or stress.

This service is also beneficial for those having to look after and nurse a family member or friend through a serious illness or injury.

In-Home Elderly Support

The quality care we provide allows our elderly clients a continued independence and ability to remain living in their own homes. A particularly beneficial service for clients living alone and having no family members or alternative support networks nearby.

We are able to develop customized and ongoing support plans suited to the individual needs of the client and adapt them as required to maintain this independence.

We can assist elderly clients that no longer have strength or stamina to tend to their household management, collection of groceries or prescriptions, meal preparation, or providing a driving service to attend appointments etc for clients that are no longer capable or confident enough to drive.

Household Management Assistance

Your very own in-home personal assistant offering administrative support services for efficient and effective day to day household management.


A perfect service to enable the smooth operation of busy households, or support to clients running businesses or offices from home.

Providing support and assistance with calendar management - scheduling and assigning bookings, appointment, engagements and general family movements, filing system management, obtaining quotes for household maintenance requirements and scheduling bookings, management of bills including due dates and payments, regular pricing comparison for household service providers, keeping record of due dates for vehicle registration, WOFs, insurance and servicing and schedule bookings accordingly, household and contents insurance management, assisting with travel arrangements, weekly meal planning and liaising with tradesmen or servicemen.

Errand Running 

Our errand running services take care of all those random and bothersome tasks that only take a few minutes to achieve, but add on the delays you are bound to experience with peak hour traffic after work, and suddenly your five minute errand turns into two hours!

Whether it's collecting your garments from the drycleaners, picking up an order, posting mail or packages, clearing your PO box or stocking up on essentials from the supermarket, we will make sure these cumbersome jobs are all taken care of so you can head directly home after work without having to make any inconvenient stops along the way.

Pet Care & Home Minding Services

Our pet care and home minding services are specifically designed for clients going away for a period of time, such as on a holiday or business travel. 

This personalized service allows you to leave your home in reliable and trustworthy hands, giving it a 'lived-in' feel without having a full-time house guest residing in your personal space.

We come to your home so you are able to leave your fur babies in their familiar surroundings with all the comforts and smells they are used to. Your pet may require one visit daily, or perhaps two. We endeavour to follow your pet care routine as closely as possible. This of course includes feeding, watering and exercising, as well as spending quality time with them - playing, petting and grooming so that they continue to receive loving attention even in your absence.

As well as your pets, we also take care of your home. This may include taking rubbish bins out or bringing them back in, clearing your mail or putting any courier deliveries inside, opening and closing windows and curtains, watering your garden and indoor plants or restocking your fridge and pantry with essential supplies in time for your arrival home.

Event Planning & Management Service

For all your party and event support and planning assistance needs. 

We can provide services for all types of functions and celebrations, big and small, from assisting with the execution of planning through to overall event management on the day to ensure things run smoothly and go exactly to plan!

Our superior organizational, interpersonal, time management and communication skills, flexibility, creativity, innovation, energy and enthusiasm are the combination of essential qualities we possess enabling us to help you create a memorable event or special occasion that is nothing short of amazing!  We look after the finer details allowing you to enjoy the celebrations.

Back To School Service

A service designed to assist those busy working parents with the organization of necessary requirements in preparation for the beginning of the new school year.

Shopping for school supplies and stationery, picking up uniforms and stocking up on hair ties and clips, labelling personal items, filling the fridge and pantry with nutritious lunch box snacks and covering exercise books, this assistance will ensure that your kiddies are completely prepared and and have everything they need in order to get stuck into their first term of learning.

Gift Basket & Gift Wrapping Services

Our carefully thought out gift baskets contain items and treats that are suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, thank yous, his or hers, hens nights, baby showers, corporate, thinking of you, mothers or fathers day, in sympathy, congratulations, get well soon, just because, valentines day or random romance.  Whatever the reason, we can create something stunning filled with quality contents that work with the theme or occasion guaranteed to impress the lucky recipient.

We are also here to support you through the silly season!

Inline with our gift basket service, our wrapping service provides a variety of beautifully presented and professional gift packaging solutions saving you hours of time, particularly in the weeks leading up to Christmas - time better off spent attending pre-Christmas events, soaking up the joyful atmosphere and enjoying all the festive season has to offer.

"all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us"