Our Services

Whenever there is a need for some additional support and assistance, regardless of circumstances, Hands From The Heart can provide the service you need when you need it most.

Our services can be used as a one-off or on a regular ongoing basis and, as our clients requirements vary significantly, bookings can be completely customized and tailored to suit the exact needs and individual circumstances.

Our extensive range of residential and lifestyle support services are designed to lighten the load, alleviate the juggle and ensure that you have more time available to focus on the finer things in life.

Gift Vouchers

Our personalized vouchers are an excellent way to provide a friend, colleague or family member a practical gift for a mum-to-be at her baby shower, upon the arrival of the new addition or a family that has just been blessed with a multiple birth, during a time of illness or recovery from surgery, after the loss of a loved one or simply just to take a bit of pressure off during a particularly busy or challenging time.  

Please contact us to make arrangements.  We are more than happy to discuss our services in more detail and create a gift voucher that is going to best meet the requirements of the recipient.

Lost time is never found again